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Master class Dry eye Management & Oculoplasty, Aesthetics surgery

2800 Delémont , 30.03.2023 - 31.03.2023

Full day Master Class in oculoplasty

Dry eye management with IPL, CO2-Laser eyelid surgery, and Erbium Laser rejuvenation. 


The one and only FDA approved light based dry eye treatment on the planet is now capable to connect to the world ! Come see the OptiLight X with glo- bal connectivity capabilities.
OptiLight is the only system made for dry eye, it‘s intuitive OPT handpiece can reach all face contours treat close to the lid margins, and successfully treat upper eyelids and even acute Chalazion . With its ergonomic hand- piece, standard chill-tip and various specialized filters you can ensure your patients. a fast, effective and safe treatment every time.


CO2 laser use in oculoplastic is not new, but for some reason it has been limited for years to its advantages for blepharoplasty surgery. Little is said about the many other uses, not only in all kind of surgeries, such as ptosis, entropion, basically any surgery where one can use a scalpel or a Colorado needle, where the control of bleeding play a very important role decreasing the surgical time and improving the postoperative period for the patient, translating in more surgical cases per module and happier patients.

But surgery is only one field of application for Acupulse. In addition to the surgical/ cutting hand piece, it also offers 2 other hand pieces attached to top technology scanners:

- Acuscan: used to perform fractional ablative resurfacing, with the exclusive advantage of the combo mode, where both deep and superficial treatments can be performed together in one pass, or isolated whenever is needed.
- Surgitouch: for many applications such as removal of benign lesions (ke- ratosis, Xantelasmas, Nevi, papilomas), treatment of scars (surgical scars, acne, striae) and also for non fractional ablative resurfacing.

One elegant platform, with many uses, that can be transported to treat pati- ents in consultation or in the OR.

Interest in laser treatments have always been in patients heads, is a selling word, but in Acupulse case, is not only that, is a certainty for both, patient and doctor of a successful procedure.

RESURFX- Photo fractional treatment

Skin resurfacing is the most popular skin treatment second only to injectab- les (American Society of Plastic Surgeons).
The only concern is the downtime associated with CO2 resurfacing or che- mical peels.

ResurFx is the ONLY true Fractional skin resurfacing treatment with no downtime. It is also called “Lunch time rejuvenation” as patients can do the treatment and go back to every-day life without any downtime or side ef- fects.

It can eradicate acne and surgical scars, striae, periorbital wrinkles, any dyschromia and even have effects on melasma.
It is fast and effective because it is a non-ablative photo-resurfacing laser with true fractional capabilities. It will never hit on the same place twice des- pite the shape, size and density of the treatment spot, in contrast to other devices that needs to be permed in a multi-pass fashion.

The Chilled sapphire tip makes the treatment comfortable for the patient and with no downtime.

One day training (theorical training in the morning 10:00-12:00 then demo on patient from 13:30 to 17:00.

The Master Class will take place the 30th & 31st of March 23. Be aware the same training will be given for the two days. The attendies can book only for one day.

2800 Delémont
Centre ophtalmologique du Jura